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Becoming a Tutor

Anyone interested in becoming a tutor, should contact Prof. Elaine Hays for permission to enroll in English 387: Composition Theory and Pedagogy, offered annually in the Spring semester. The successful completion of the course is required for anyone wanting to tutor in the Writer’s Workshop and/or in the Summer Passport Program. You do not have to be an English major to enroll in the course or to tutor for the Writer’s Workshop.

English 387: Composition Theory and Pedagogy
While the course is specifically designed as a tutor education course, the syllabus also acts as a readings course in the theories of writing, past and present, rhetorical theory, and tutoring theory and practice. Further, students taking the course will strengthen their own writing by drafting and revising and by learning to give productive feedback on their peer’s writing. Writing assignments include a working theory paper, a writing in the disciplines case study, and a tutoring philosophy paper.

Summer Passport Program
Students who have completed English 387: Composition Theory and Pedagogy may also be considered to be a classroom teaching assistant or Review Session Leader for Passport. Please contact Elaine Hays for information about the application process