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Dioni Cruz, '13

Untitled (Best Friends)

      For this piece, I used paper cut-outs for the silhouettes, and small laser pointers for the lights and heart. The name was inspired by a very close and personal situation that happened between friends. This piece is very special for me because it allowed me to combine two different fields I was experimenting with: capturing lights, lasers and silhouettes in still images and making stop-motion movies. Light is something that we don't physically capture on purpose, but slips into our camera to give way for other objects to come through. I am intrigued by the different colors that I can acquire from lights and lasers, and also the different way light is reflected from many different surfaces. For this piece, I reflected laser pointers into glitter, spreading the light into hundreds of little dots. As I practice making stop-motions, I intend to make the movement of the silhouettes more realistic, but I really like to give the piece a sort of jerky feeling in the movements.


vol. 10 (2013)
vol. 10 (2013)
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