Chapter 12 / Research Using Available Data 

Sources of Available Data  

Public Documents and Official Records
Private Documents
Mass Media
Physical, Nonverbal Evidence
Social Science Data Archives

Advantages of Research Using Available Data  

Nonreactive Measurement
Analyzing Social Structure
Studying and Understanding the Past
Understanding Social Change
Studying Problems Cross-Culturally
Improving Knowledge through Replication and Increased Sample Size
Savings on Research Costs

General Methodological Issues in Available-Data Research  


Searching for and Procuring Available Data
Measurement of Key Concepts
Data Evaluation and Adjustment
Assessment of Data Completeness

Historical Analysis  

Descriptive and Analytical History
Handling Documentary Evidence
Historical Interpretation

Content Analysis  

Selecting and Defining Content Categories
Defining the Unit of Analysis
Deciding on a System of Enumeration
Carrying Out the Analysis



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