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The Jesuit Connection to Japanese Gardens and Tea Ceremony


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This website contains materials assembled to inform the community about plans to construct a Japanese garden/teahouse on the Holy Cross campus. The plan is provisional and the design, building, and maintenance of this garden will be a collaborative venture drawing on diverse elements of the College community.

The vision, tersely stated, is that on the wooded hillside between Stein Hall and Carlin Residence Hall, there will be a traditional Japanese building and teahouse built amidst three small gardens. In addition to placing an authentic and beautiful Japanese cultural space on campus, the small teahouse and multipurpose hall will provide a venue for tea ceremony, meditation, and classroom seminars.

Students will join faculty and staff to research, design, build, and maintain the garden. Grants will be secured to support each stage in the process, including a group study trip to Japan.

The goal is to build a garden/teahouse that is an authentic expression of Japanese culture, one that meets the highest aesthetic standards and also serves to give students a rich educational and contemplative experience. Many other benefits to Holy Cross can be specified. A Steering Committee has formed consisting of faculty from eight departments along with interested staff and students.