literatures, religions, and arts of the himalayan region

To honeybee or not to honeybee, that is the question?
An investigation of interdependence and survival in the Himalayas and U.S.A.

Created by Ben Zimmerman
McAuliffe Regional Charter Public School
Framingham, MA



MISSION TWO: Religions


Economic and Social Implications

MISSION FIVE: Culminating Activities


Culminating Activities

Again, this section is still under construction. However, the culmination of the "To honeybee or Not..." unit serves as a display of students "call to action." It is imperitive that the students are integral in the creative process, so as to promote buy in. Here are some ideas:


Play or Film exhibiting students call for action for 5th graders or senior citizens. Potential script writing, drama, and technology.

Iron Chef This could be a mode for the "hands on" crowd to incorporate honeybee derived foods they've learned throughout their course of study. Such an occasion could also serve as a fundraiser event to benefit Coloney Collapse Disorder research. It could take place during the aforementioned play or as a separate affair.about for the senior crowd.

Children's Book created with author (have for sale at the play intermisson and/or Food benefit) Click here for a link to an Iron-author lesson)

Alternatives of students creation








This site was created by Ben Zimmerman at the NEH Summer Institute "Literatures, Religions, and Arts of the Himalayan Region," held at the College of the Holy Cross, Summer 2008.