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2015 Institute> Week 4

WEEK 4: July 27th-July 31st

Daily Schedule

Morning Session
Lunch Break
Afternoon Session
Web Page Consultations (some days )
Evening Sessions


All Sessions in Rooms 404 of the Hogan Campus Center, unless otherwise noted

MONDAY, July 27th

Morning Program

Expert Presentation: Expert Presentation, Manjushree Thapa, Kathmandu

Nepali Literature: Its Emergence in the Modern Era

Required Readings:

  • Excerpts, Michael Hutt, Himalayan Voices. Univ. of California Press, 1991.

  • Manjushree Thapa, The Tutor of History. London: Penguin, 2001



Afternoon Program

Expert Presentation: Prof Dagli

Islam II: Ritual Practices and Muslim Traditions of South Asia                

Required Readings:

  • John Esposito, “Islam” from World Religions Today,5th ed. (Oxford, 2014).





TUESDAY, July 28th

Morning Program


Expert Presentation: Peter Burleigh, Carter Center

Nepal and the Indian Himalayas in Transition

Required Readings: Both are available at:

  • “Nepal: from People Power to Peace?”  (Asia Report # 115, 10 May 2006)



Afternoon Program


Free Time

WEDNESDAY, July 29th

Morning Program

Expert Presentation: Prof. David Smith, University of Minnesota

Contemporary Human Ecology: Tigers and Humans                   

Required Readings:        

  • Zurick, Illustrated Atlas of the Himalaya, 9-98




Thang PowerPoint Slides


Afternoon Program

Expert Presentation: Expert Presentation by Dr. Narayan Kaji Shrestha

Community Forestry, Women’s Empowerment, Contemporary Movements

Required Readings:

  • Zurick, Illustrated Atlas of the Himalaya, 99-142

  • Kaji Shrestha, “Community Forestry in Crisis: Where do we go from here?”   



PowerPoint Slides


THURSDAY, July 30th

Morning I Program: [9-10:30]

Expert Presentation: Mat Schmaltz, Holy Cross

Christian Missionaries in Asia and the Himalayas

Required Readings:

  • Selections from Trent Pomplun, Jesuit on the Roof of the World: Ippolito                   Desideri’s Mission to Tibet. NY: Oxford University Press, 2009

Further Readings:

  • Keiko Yamanaka, “Transnational Community Activities of Nepalese Visa- Overstayers in Japan: Governance and Transnationalism from Below,” in Nelson H. H. Graburn, et al. (ed.), Multiculturalism in the New Japan: Crossing the Borders Within, Oxford: Berghan Press, 2008, 151-170.
  • “Changing Family Structures of Nepali Transmigrants in Japan: Split- Households and Dual-Wage Earners,” Global Networks: A Journal of Transnational Affairs, Vol. 5, 2005, 337-358.

Morning II Program: [10:45-12:15]

Expert Presentation: Keiko Yamanaka, Univ. of  California-Berkeley

A Dalit Sadhu in the Garhwal Himalayas

Image Gallery

Afternoon Program



Free Time

Evening Program

6-8 PM Evening Program: Farewell Dinner

Workshop on Making Tibetan Foods in Hogan Kitchen, 3rd Floor

FRIDAY, July 31st

Morning and Afternoon Programs

Presentations of Teacher Implementation Plans




SATURDAY, August 1st

All Day

Check-out from Campus Apartments