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7c Tomb of Lord and Lady Bardolph, detail of the head of Lord Bardolph. 
 Bardolph was one of the heroes of the battle of Agincourt. The tomb for him and his Lady was  erected about 1450. Both sculptures are in a good state of preservation with original polychrome (undoubtedly partially renewed at some later date).  Lord Bardolph, dressed in full armor, is distinguished by the IHS (monogram of the name of Jesus) on his forehead, the SS collar, given by the Lancanstrian kings in recognition of great personal service.  (See also the commoner, John Baret with SS collar depicted on the roof of his tomb at St. Mary’s Church, Bury St. Edmunds.) The Order of the Garter is shown of Bardolph's  calf (a band with the inscription Honi soit qui mal y pense). The Order, the most prestigious of royal honors, was founded by Henry V in 1417.