Shakespeare At Holy Cross




The Interactive Shakespeare Project

The Interactive Shakespeare Project at Holy Cross is a multidisciplinary, multi-institutional, initiative to use the World Wide Web to improve the teaching of Shakespeare. Created by a cohort of English and Theater professors from across the country, the Project incorporates computer technology to create an active learning environment for secondary school and college students. To augment the pedagogical effectiveness of the program, teaching resources and a cohesive methodology are provided for educators. The Project's prototype site is the first Shakespearean teaching resource on the internet that combines text, video, performance activities, and pedagogical resources with interactive elements.

The Interactive Globe Theatre

 This site uses Virtual Reality Modeling Language (VRML) to create Shakespeare's world of London, England in the year 1599. The viewer will be able to "walk" through the streets of the area called Bankside, Southwark and enter Shakespeare's Globe Playhouse.

Holy Cross Partners with Redfeather Theatre Company

The College of the Holy Cross and Redfeather Theatre Company partnered to present Shakespeare’s As You Like It in August 2006 at the Memorial Grove Amphitheatre in Green Hill Park.