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  Submission Guidelines

Diotima invites all types of philosophical writing: essays, reviews, poems and dialogues. We are especially interested in well-written works on general themes that would be of interest to the educated non-specialist. While jargon is expressly forbidden, footnote and other technical paraphernalia should be kept to a minimum.

The Editors of Diotima have decided that the journal will appear twice a year. One issue each year will consist of essays on a pre-announced topic. The Fall 2001 issue will have The Book of Job as its special theme.

Submissions should be no more than 5000 words long. We prefer that you send 2 paper copies of your manuscript along with a MS Word file on a 3.5" diskette or as an email attachment. The deadline for the Fall 2001 issue is September 1, 2001. Contributions from non-philosophers and graduate students that conform to the above guidelines are welcome.

Submissions must be sent to:
Predrag Cicovacki, Editor-in-Chief, Diotima
Department of Philosophy
College of the Holy Cross
1 College Street
Worcester, MA 01610


Editorial decisions will be made within three weeks of receipt.


Editorial Board

Predrag Cicovacki, Editor-in-Chief   pcicovac@holycross.edu
Nalin Ranasinghe, Executive Editor   n_ranasinghe@yahoo.com
Jayne Fox, Web Editor   jfox@holycross.edu


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