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The Eleven Nuns of Nowogrodek

[Painting depicting the execution of the Eleven Nuns of Nowogrodek] Adam Styka (1890-1959) a member of a distinguished family of Polish painters, created the oil canvas of the execution, a copy of which is reproduced here. 

This painting, which dates from the spring of 1948, was transferred to Rome, to the headquarters of the Sisters of the Holy Family of Nazareth in 1965.  A copy of it can be found in the provincial house of the Sisters in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. 


The Beatified Nuns:

Sister Maria Stella, Superior Adelaide Mardosiewicz (1888-1943)
Sister Mary Imelda Jadwiga Zak (1892-1943)
Sister Mary Rajmunda Anna Kukulowicz  (1892-1943)
Sister Maria Daniela Eleanor Juzwik (1895-1943)
Sister Maria Kanuta Jozefa Chrobot  (1896-1943)
Sister Maria Gwidona Helena Cierpka (1900-1943)
Sister Maria Sergia Julia Rapieg (1900-1943)
Sister Maria Kanizja Eugenia Mackiewicz (1904-1943)
Sister Maria Felicyta Paulina Borowik (1905-1943)
Sister Maria Heliodora Leokadia Matustzewska (1906-1943)
Sister Maria Boromea Veronika Narmuntowicz (1916-1943)

 Film available through the Holy Cross Library

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