18th Century Drawing of Wren Bldg - College of William and Mary
Wren Building - College of William and Mary - 1695
Thomas Jefferson on 18th Century Williamsburg Architecture:

"The College and Hospital are rude , mis-shapen piles, which, but that they have roofs, would be taken for brick-kilns. There are no other public buildings but churches and court-houses, in which no attempts are made at elegance. Indeed, it would not be easy to execute such an attempt, as workman could scarecely be found here capable of drawing an order. The genius of architecture seems to have shed its maledictions over the land. Buildings are often erected, by individuals, of considerable expence. To give these symmetry and taste, would not increase their cost. It would only change the arangement of the materials, the form and combination of the members. This would often cost less than the burthen of barbarous ornaments with which these buildings are sometimes charged. But the principles of the art are unknown, and there exists scarcely a model among us sufficiently chaste to give an idea of them."