Lectures and Assignments
Prof. Bill Ziobro
Holy Cross College
Worcester, MA


Lecture #1 (Sept. 1): "Introduction to Classical America" and
                                            Dr. Joseph Warren: A Classicist and A Patriot"
 Dr. Joseph Warren
Dr. J. Warren
Dr. Joseph Warren
(1741-1775), A Classically
Trained American Orator 
and Patriot
Death of Warren by Trumbull
Death of Dr. Warren 
at Battle of Bunker Hill,
June 17, 1775
by John Trumbull

 Lecture #2 (September 6): "Dr. Joseph Warren: A Classicist and A Patriot"
   Boston Massacre
Broadside - Boston Massacre - March 1772
Broadside of Boston Massacre (1770)
Old State House - Boston, MA
Old State House (1748), Boston, MA

Classical Motifs
George Washington as Cincinnatus
George Washington
"Cincinnatus" by Houdon
VA Capitol Building
George Washington by Greenhough
George Washington

Horatio Greenough
Smithsonian Museum, 
Washington, DC

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Lecture #3 (September 8): "Early American Latin Grammar Schools"
Early American
Classical Education
18th Century Grammar School Bldg.
18th Century Schoolhouse
Text of Latin Grammar Book
Wm. Lily's 16th Century 
Latin Grammar Book
Illustrated Latin Grammar & Vocabulary Book
Illustrated Latin Text Book
18th Century American Classical Text
Title Page - 18th Cent. 
American Publication

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Lecture #4 (September 13) - "Quintilian and Erasmus: Background and Foreground of Early American Education"
The Roots of Early

Quintilian - Roman Writer
                   on the Art of Rhetoric


Desiderius Erasmus (1466-1536)

Desiderius Erasmus 

Erasmus' Colloquies - 1804 Worcester, MA Edition
Erasmus' Colloquies
1804 Worcester (MA) edition

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Lecture #5 (September 15) - "The American Grammar School of the 17th and 18th Centuries"
18th Century 
Latin Grammar

Nathan Hale's Latin Grammar School
East Haddam, Connecticut

Nathan Hale's Schoolhouse
New London, Connecticut
Late 18th Century One-room Schoolhouse (York, Maine)
18th Cent. One Room Schoolhouse
York, Maine

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Lecture #6 (September 20) - "The Classical Curriculum of the Early American College"

Harvard College - ca. 1767

Nassau Hall
Princeton University (College of New Jersey)

Wren Building
College of William and Mary - ca. 1695

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Lecture #7 (Sept. 22) - "The 18th Century College Curriculum and Roman History - I"
 James Madison:
Ancient History 

James Madison; graduate
of College of New Jersey (Princeton) 
and student of Ancient History
James Madison's Latin  degree 
from Princeton University

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Lecture  #8 (Sept. 27) - "The 18th Century College Curriculum and Roman History - II"

James Madison (1751-1836)
1769-1772 Princeton

Federalist Papers (October 1787-August 1788)

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Lecture # 9 (Sept. 29) -"Classical Rhetoric, Cicero, and Dr. Joseph Warren"
 Classical Rhetoric
18th Century 

Marcus Tullius Cicero 
(106-43 BC)

Dr. Joseph Warren 
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Lecture #10 (October 4) "The Non-Curricular Classics in Early America - I"
 The Classical Tradition
Everyday Life
Early America

18th Cent. Commemorative Urn 
with Latin Inscription

Side Panel of Washington Statue by
Horatio Greenough

Roman Soldier Figurehead - 
19th Century Sailing Ship -
Whaling Museum, 
New Bedford, MA
Required Readings:

Lecture #11 (October 6) - "The Non-Curricular Classics in Early America:
                                             The Cato Theme Again - or Was it Cato?"
Classical Hero in Antiquity
18th Century America

Dock Street Theater
Charleston, South Carolina;
Site of first (1735) performance of Joseph Addison's "Cato" 
in American Colonies

Joseph Addison

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Lecture #12 (October 18) - "The Non-Curricular Classics in Early America:
                                            The Cato Theme Again - or Was it Cato?" - II

Tacitus (ca-56-ca 117)


Cato's Letters (1720-23)
John Trenchard
Thomas Gordon

Tacitus and Cato's Letters
at the 1735 Trial 
John Peter Zenger

Required Readings:

 Lecture #13 (October 20)  "Thomas Jefferson - A Classical Scholar - I"
Thomas Jefferson:
Classical Scholar
Thomas Jefferson - 1786
Thomas Jefferson 
(Portrait by Mather Brown)

ThomasJefferson's Greek 
Grammar Book
Required Readings:

Suggested Reading:

     .  McMillen and Bolton, Synopsis of American History, pp. 97-109.

 #14 - (October 25) - IN-SEMESTER EXAMINATION


Lecture #15 (October 27) - "Thomas Jefferson - A Classical Scholar - II"
Thomas Jefferson's
Classical Education
George Wythe - Thomas Jefferson's Law Tutor
Thomas Jefferson's Teacher 
George Wythe (1726-1806)
George Wythe's Home - Williamsburg, VA

George Wythe Home
Williamsburg, VA
ca 1750

Required Readings:

Suggested Reading:

    . McMillen and Bolton, Synopsis of American History, pp. 110-124.

Lecture #16 (November 1) -  "Introduction to American Classical Architecture"
Early American
Redwood Library (1748; Newport, Rhode Island) - Peter Harrison
Redwood Library (1748)
Newport, R.I.

Peter Harrison

Late Monticello (ca. 1820; Charlottesville, VA) - Thomas Jefferson
Monticello (1770s +)
Charlottesville, Va
Thomas Jefferson
State Capitol Building (ca. 1797; Boston, MA) - Charles Bulfinch
Massachusetts State House 
Boston, MA

Charles Bulfinch

Required Readings:

Lecture #17 (November 3) - "Introduction to Roman Architecture"
  The Roman Roots
of the 

Piranesi drawing of Roman Forum

Piranesi drawing of Roman Colosseum

Required Readings:

Lecture #18 (November 8): "Palladio"
  Andrea Palladion:
Andrea Palladio - (1508-1580)
Andrea Palladio
Villa Rotunda
Villa Rotunda  (1566)
St. Maria Maggiore Basilica - Palladio
San Giorgio Maggiore (1566)

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Lecture #19 (November 10): "Early English Architecture and Colonial Architecture - I"
The Non-Classical
Beginnings of
American Architecture
Plymouth Plantation (ca. 1630 - Plymouth, MA)
Plymouth MA. (ca 1635)
Parson Capen House (ca. 1683, Topsfield, MA)

Parson Capen House (ca. 1683)
Topsfield, MA

Lynnhaven (early 1700s, Norfolk, VA)

Lynnhaven, ca. 1725
Norfolk, Va

   A) 17th Century American Folk Style Gothic/Medeival Domestic Architecture
     Plimoth Plantation
     New England Homes (e.g., Stanley-Whitman, Pierce House etc.)
     Parson Capen House, Topsfield, MA (1683)
     Adam Thoroughgood House, Norfolk, VA (c.1680)

    B) 17th Century American Folk Style Gothic/Medeival Public Architecture
           Old Ship Meetinghouse, Hingham, MA (c. 1680)
           Wren Building, College of William and Mary, Williamsburg, VA (c.1695-99)

Required Readings:

Lecture #20 (November 15): "Early English Architecture and Colonial Architecture - II"
The Beginnings 
in England 
The Colonies
Queen's House (1616,  Greenwich, England) - Inigo Jones
Queen's House - 1616
Greenwich, England
Bruton Parish Church (ca. 1715; Williamsburg, VA)
Bruton Parish Church - ca. 1715
Williamsburg, VA 
Drayton Hall (ca. 1738; Charleston, S.C.)
Drayton Hall - ca. 1735
Charleston, S.C.


   A) 18th Century American Gothic/Medeival + Early Classical Public Architecture
     The Public Gaol, Williamsburg, Va (ca. 1704)
     Capitol Building, Williamsburg, Va (ca. 1704)
     Bruton Parish Church, Williamsburg, Va (ca. 1715)
     Governor's Palace, Williamsburg, Va (ca. 1720)

   B) 18th Century American gothic/Medeival + Early Classical Domestic Architecture
          Stratford Hall Plantation, Va. (ca. 1735)
          Drayton Hall, Charleston, S.C. (ca. 1738)
          Gunston Hall Plantation, Va. (ca. 1755)
          George Wythe Home, Williamsburg, Va. (ca.1750-55)
          Carter's Grove, Williamsburg, Va. (ca. 1755)
          Mt. Vernon, Va. (ca. 1770+)

   C) Early English Architecture
          Queen's House and Banqueting Hall
          Blenheim Palace

   D) English Architects:
     Inigo Jones (1573-1652)
     Christopher Wren (1632-1723)
          Sir John Vanbrugh (1663/64-1726) and Blenheim Palace

    E)  Architectural Handbooks

Required Reading:

Lecture #21 (November 17) : "Newportís Classical Architecture and Peter Harrison"
Peter Harrison:
Classical Architect

Redwood Library (1748); Peter 
Harrison; Newport, Rhode Island

Brick Market Place (1762); Peter
Harrison; Newport, Rhode Island

     A) Early 18th Century Architecture:
     Trinity Church (1725+) - Richard Munday
     Colony House  (1739-41) - Richard Munday
     B) Redwood Library
     C) Touro Synagogue
     D)  Other Harrison Work
     E)  Lord Burlington and Chiswick House and Gardens

Required Reading:

Lecture #22 (November 22): "Thomas Jefferson and Domestic Architecture: Early Monticello
Jefferson Sketch for Early Monticello - ca. 1768

Jefferson Drawing of 
Early Monticello

Early Monticello - (artist's rendition) - ca. 1782

Artisit's Rendition of
Early Monticello


Architectural Model 
Early Monticello


   A)  Jefferson on 18th Century Williamsburg Architecture
    B)  Jefferson on mid-18th Century Williamsburg Capitol Bldg.
    C)  Jefferson's Early Monticello
    D)  The Marquis de Chastellux on Early Monticello (1782)

Required Reading:

Lecture #23 (November 29): "Thomas Jefferson: His Civic Architecture (VA
                                       Capitol Bldg.) and Late Monticello (ca. 1790-1815)"
Maison Carree, Nismes, France (1st Cent BC Roman)
Maison Carree
Nismes, France
Virginia Capitol, Richmond (ca. 1785-1789)
VA Capitol - 1787
Richmond, VA

VA Capitol - 2009
Richmond, VA

VA Capitol - Dome


    A)   Jefferson on Maison Carree and VA Capitol

Required Reading:

Suggested Reading:

Lecture #24 (December 1): "Thomas Jefferson: Late Monticello (ca. 1790-1815) and Poplar Forest
East Portico, Late Monticello, ca. 1815
Monticello - East Front

South Facade - Entablature
Dome, West Portico, late Monticello, ca. 1815
Monticello - West Front

Monticello - West Front

Poplar Forest:
Classical Home

Poplar Forest - East Facade

Poplar Forest - West Facade


     A)   Late Monticello

Required Reading:

Lecture #25 (December 6): "Thomas Jefferson and the University of Virginia"

Pavilion #7 - 1817
University of Virginia

Rotunda - 1825
University of Virginia

Pavilion #2 - 1819
University of Virginia

         A) The Lawn
           B) The Rotunda

Required Reading:

Suggested Reading:

            Thomas Jefferson's  Educational Philosophy  in the Lawn and Pavilions at The University of Virginia

Lecture #26 (December 8):   "Federal Architecture and the Classical Motif"
 Charles Bulfinch
Classical Architecture
New England

Charles Bulfinch (1763-1844)
Federal Style Architect

Hamilton Hall, 19th Century Federal Style Bldg., 
Salem, MA.
Required Reading:

 "Greek Revival Architecture" + Summary
 Greek Inspired
19th Century

Asher Benjamin,
American Greek Revival Architect

Print from "Antiquities of Athens" by Stuart and Revett
Required Reading:

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