Invitation to our Institute:

Welcome to the web site for the NEH Summer Institute, “Literatures, Religions and Arts of the Himalayan Region!” The Institute, which has been funded by NEH and conducted by Prof. Todd Lewis (College of the Holy Cross) and Prof. Leonard van der Kuijp (Harvard University) has been offered six times beginning in 2002. During the four week course, participants listen to lectures from scholar-experts from across the world. They also visit museums and other places of interest as well has participate in rituals and feasts.

The list below describes the subjects that are discussed during the Institute. In addition, you can study the Implentation Plans that participants have created during their time at the Institute.

Curriculum Topics:

♦ Religion: Overviews of Hinduism, Buddhism, and Islam
♦ History: Tibet and Nepal
♦ Art history: Visits to museums and monasteries
♦ Geography and Ecology of the Himalayan region
♦ Literatures of the region, traditional and modern
♦ Recent developments in politics, from Afghanistan and Pakistan, to Tibet
♦ Himalayan religious rituals, food traditions, childhood customs


Todd Lewis, College of the Holy Cross Leonard van der Kuijp, Harvard University

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