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Melissa Alton Sherlock Holmes in the Himalayas
Sophia Bae Migration and Globalization
Audrey Brown Mandalas: Circles of Compassion
Otelinda Charpentier Overview of Some of the Visual Arts and Crafts of the Himalayan Region
Jill Christensen Compare and Contrast of Himalayan Texts
John Clossick World Religions
Diana D'Emeraude Enacting Himalayan Myths, Tales and Legends
Sarah Fendrick and Mary Muenster Exploring Buddhist Pilgrimage
Linda Green The Ramayana, An Enduring Tradition
Joshua Hill Himalayan Culture
Susan Hilliker Children of the Himalayas
Gregory Kakas Notion of an Epic Hero
Diana Mackiewicz Buddha: Son of Lumbini and World Teacher
Leslie Means Himalayan Culture Meets Mountaineering Culture
Jennifer Miller Advanced ESL Himalayan Lesson Plan
Susan Morrison Literary Landscapes of Buddhism
Jerry Pei Teaching Comparative Religion
Era Pope Teaching India Through the Music of "Lagaan"
Nancy Power Introduction to the Himalayas
David Sexton Eight Great Pilgrimage Sites
Sarah Shmitt Buddhism as it is Practiced in Asia
Robert Snedier Mountainography
Julie Stine Hinduism
Eric Strauss Tibetan Architecture
Elizabeth Thompson Transcendentalists, Beats, Buddhists, and Hindus
Carol Lynne Tombers Gallery of Visual Arts Presentations
Gerard Wollak One Nepalese Vision: Samrat Upadhyay's Buddha's Orphans
Janice Yap Momos Along the Himalayan Region