Cultures and Religions of the Himalayan Region

Summer 2004

Denise M. Simone
Susan E. Wagner High School English Department
A Literary View of Himalayan Women Through Religious and Cultural Texts


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Himalayan Herders

Life for all Himalayn herders was difficult as the mountains and mountain passes offered many challenges. Herders lived in a gode, which are huts made of bamboo mates arranged over a structure of bent bamboo poles , or they live in pathi, which are stone walled huts with plank roofs. The word gode is used to refer to both the house and the lifestyle. Herders raise sheep, yak, and zomo, a hybrid cow and yak.

Life for women was especially hard. Here are two excerpts from the book, Himalayan Herders, by Naomi Bishop, Stanford University Press, 2002.

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The marriage practices of these Nepalese herders is particularly interesting. Record you reaction to the marriage practices in your double-entry journal.

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  • How does the society justifiy these unusual practices?









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