Latin in Early America:
An Anthology of Readings
17th and 18th Century Latin
Post-Intermediate Level  Latin Students*

Volume I

Unit I: The Rules of Latin
Unit II: Making Latin
Unit III: The Dialogue: Corderius and Erasmus
Unit IV: Lily's "Carmen de Moribus"
Unit V: Aesop's Fables
Unit VI: Terence
Unit VII: Ovid
Unit VIII: Cicero's Letters and Essays
Unit IX: Vergil
Unit X: Horace
Unit XI: Juvenal

Volume II:

Introduction: "The Classical Curriculum of the Early American College"
Unit XII: Livy
Unit XIII: Sallust
Unit XIV: Tacitus
Unit XV: The Minor Historians: Florus and Caesar
Unit XVI: Rhetoric and Quintilian
Unit XVII: Rhetoric and Cicero

*Prof. Ziobro gratefully acknowledges the assistance of Hewlett-Mellon Summer (1999 & 2000) Fellowships from Holy Cross College for the electronic conversion of this textbook.